Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail youFrank Lloyd Wright

WORKSHOP-HI is considered more of an environmental design “think-tank” than a typical architecture & planning firm. We are interested in creative solutions to the big issues – how to build sustainably (or even restorative); how to create diverse and delightful environments; how the built environment can create and enhance a sense of community; and how do we make buildings meaningful and loved. WORKSHOP-HI’s architecture is not based on any one style or set of solutions, but we allow the architectural expressions to emerge from the answers to these questions and our awareness of the local context.

Collaborating with the Hoku Nui team has pushed our studio to explore environmental building design beyond a LEED standard and even beyond net-zero. We are striving toward a regenerative architecture that can be a model of health for both humans & ecological systems. Going beyond “do no harm” and onto the Hōkū Nui Regenerative Quadruple Bottom Line (QBLR) of environment, society, economy, and culture.

Imagine an architectural design that uses the values of a tree as a checklist:

• Creates Oxygen
• Captures Carbon dioxide
• Distils water
• Use solar energy as fuel
• Makes food
• Creates a microclimate
• Enhances diversity: Provides amenities for other organisms
• Creates beauty
• Responsive to changes in season, weather, stimulus
• Zero Waste

HALE | 2 Bedroom Concept

HALE | 3 Bedroom Concept

HALE | 3 Bedroom Concept

HALE |Conceptual Rendering