There can be no life without soil and no soil without life. They have evolved together. Charles E. Kellogg


Hōkūnui is proud to announce we will soon be expanding our compost tea program to serve the public! We are producing the highest quality brew with in our state of the art vortex brewers.

In addition, for our commercial clients, we offer tailored strategies for transitioning your business from conventional land management to regenerative. We are currently producing industrial amounts of compost tea, and have a team ready to start foliar or drench feeding your greens with our state of the art applicators, wether you have acres of grounds to cover or  dozens of planter pots. Give us a call today to discuss your options with one of our representatives, and let us show you how we can provide everything our competitors in the synthetic fertilizers markets do, without hurting the planet, or your pocket book.

Our mission is to develop an organic alternative to conventional  feeding practices for crops, landscapes, turf, and soil. By producing an organic alternative with compost tea we can give the consumer the ability to achieve their goals of plant health, disease resistance water conservation and increase in crop yields organically.

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    What is Compost Tea?

    Whats the difference between inert dirt and the potent soil your plants thrive from? Nutrients! How did these nutrients became available for plantlife before we began manufacturing synthetic fertilizers? Microbes! Thatʻs right! In nature, tiny microorganisms like fungi, protozoa, bacteria, and nematodes break down the basic minerals already present in dirt so that the nutrients within are available for plants to intake. In addition to providing necessary nutrients, these beneficial microbes are outcompeting otherwise harmful ones in the soil that would be negatively affecting your plants health.

    People have know the value of these microbes and have utilized them for thousands of years in the form of compost. Compost tea is compost that has been steeped in order to capture all those beneficial nutrients, microbes, etc and then “fed" and aerated in order to multiply the existing beneficial compounds within it. It is then applied to plants and, being that it is in a liquid state, the solution immediately permeates deep into the soil where it is most effective. 

    The Science Behind our Brew

    The benefits of compost teas are well documented in the scientific world. Hereʻs a scientific paper, published in the National Institute of Biotechnology, illustrating how compost tea increased root & shoot growth more than 7 times in their studies. (Click Here for Article) This paper documents how compost tea suppressed pathogens in the soil that would cause plant disease. (Click Here for Article) But how can you know youʻll get the same results?

    Unfortunately, not all compost tea is created equally. The goal of an ideal compost to is to be chock-FULL of beneficial microbes, but without knowing the science behind proper production, many at-home brews can have mixed results. The recipes and protocol we use for our compost tea comes from Dr. Elaine Ingham, Ph.D.,  whose work was featured in the New York Times. (And was a speaker at this years HFUU! ) (Click Here for Article) In addition, at Hōkūnui we have certified techs on staff who consistently monitor ours teas for prevalence of microbial life. Want to see for yourself? Take a sample of our compost tea and view it under a microscope! With just a 100x lens you can personally witness the tiny universe that makes up the essential building blocks for our soil.