Curen Ohama

Curen Ohama, Farm hand

Curen joined the Hōkūnui ‘ohana in the forestry department in March 2018. He has a lifelong background in agriculture, he first learned to plant papaya trees with his grandmother as a child and has grown tropical food plants in his backyard ever since. Prior to joining the Hōkūnui team, Curen owned a residential window washing business for ten years, conducted community education with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and worked with Skyline Eco Adventures.

Curen has a deep interest in native resource management. He has volunteered with the Leeward Haleakalā Watershed Restoration Partnership (LHWRP) and is a proud supporter of Na Wai Eha—advocating for water rights for native ecosystems.

Curen is a part of a family of four—his wahine Sesame and his sons Aukahi & Kalaʻiopuna.

“I feel really blessed to have a meaningful job that values community and food sovereignty. I support Hōkūnui’s mission statement and am very happy to be on board to see it through.”

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