Hōkū Nui is committed to working to increase food security by providing local food to reduce imports and fill the gaps in the Maui agricultural economy. HNM selection of products is based on an extensive market research analysis of the Maui food system that determined the key gaps in local food production. Meat and produce will be produced on the land using regenerative agriculture approaches.

Hawaii is 85% dependent on food imports. It is estimated that if food imports were halted due to a natural disaster, shipping strike, or other unforeseeable circumstance, there are only 5—7 days worth of food to feed people in the state.


Hōkū Nui is dedicated to providing responsible, positive environmental, cultural, human, and economic inputs to strengthen the resources of the local community. The strategy is to focus on developing on-site inputs that support a resilient ecosystem, local workforce, affordable housing for Hawaii residents and local farmers, and food that is produced on the property and sold locally.

HNM’s desire is to influence positive economic change and set an example for other landowners in Hawaii, as well as the land development industry, by using tested strategies to illustrate the possibilities. HNM collaborates with other entities across the islands to share acquired techniques and provide transparency of all operations for stakeholders and the general public.