Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail youFrank Lloyd Wright

Hōkūnui Maui is the place to live if you value local, sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Our forestry team grows a variety of traditional food crops, tropical fruits, cultural practitioner plants and native trees. The green, rolling pastures of Hōkūnui are maintained by the gentle grazing of cattle and sheep, which also provides us with healthy, locally produced meat. The Farm Store and Food Truck will offer a variety of locally grown and made products, and farm fresh breakfast and lunch daily. Our special events lawn will include a BBQ, pizza oven and pavilion. Our farm-to-table restaurant, the Makawao Steak House features our grass-fed beef and lamb. The proximity of Hōkūnui to Makawao town makes walking, biking or electric vehicles an attractive option to driving.

Hōkūnui supports the flourishing of Hawaiian culture and agriculture on the property, not as an amenity, visitor attraction or way to sell houses, but in order to provide a permanent location for our Native Hawaiian partners to practice their culture.

The residents at Hōkūnui benefit from agricultural activity on the farm through the availability of food and the maintenance of open space and view planes. Conversely, home sales also benefit the farm.

Most housing developments benefit the developers. At Hōkūnui, the sales of homes helps the investors recoup their initial investment in farming activities and pays off the land, so farming and cultural activities can continue in perpetuity without being impeded by high land costs.

The Hōkūnui community is designed to maximize the amount of land being used for agriculture by right-sizing the lot sizes for the homes. By doing so, there is more land in the agricultural commons for the whole community from which to benefit.

The homes at Hōkūnui have been uniquely designed by Karin Frost and Erik Frost and reflect their sensibility for intelligent functionality, modern design and harmony with nature.

In keeping with best practices of green housing design, each house operates with its own energy and water systems, is situated on the site in order to take advantage of the wind, rain and sun, and uses building materials that are durable.

Hōkūnui homes are being developed in three phases beginning in 2018 with the build-out of 42 homes being complete in 2021. The community development will integrate a mix of high-end, affordable homes and farm dwellings.

To learn more about living at Hōkūnui contact Joshua Chavez using the form below.

Lot 3A | Model

  • 4 Bedroom/3 Bath/Family Room
  • Living Area: 3,285 SF
  • Covered Lanai Area: 1,015 SF
  • Garage: 676 SF
  • Land: 5 acre CPR portion of 25 acre lot

Lot 3B| Model

  • 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath
  • Living Area: 1,000 SF
  • Covered Lanai Area:  1,236 SF
  • Garage:  676 SF
  • Land:  5 acre CPR portion of 25 acre lot