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Hōkūnui Maui - A Sustainable Community Living on a Regenerative Farm

We are cultivating a community of people who value a reverent connection to the land, to each other and the Hawaiian culture. We offer single family housing in a sustainable living community – designed within the parameters of a productive farm – where great care is taken to conserve and regenerate our natural resources. This is a place where homeowners have a common desire to contribute to a lifestyle of social networks, resiliency, diversity and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. Our shared purpose is to be environmental responsibility. We believe family is the most important element to a resilient and thriving community, where we help one another through difficult times, and share laughter alongside a joyous sense of belonging.

We believe a deep connection and a sense of place is nurturing to the soul. Nestled between two gulches, you will find Hōkūnui Maui surrounded by green, rolling hills with majestic 360 degree views of the ocean, West Maui mountains, Molokai, Haleakala, and Pu’u Pi’iholo – just upslope of Makawao town. Makawao literally translates to ‘forest beginning’. Hōkūnui belongs in the moku of Hāmākuapoko, one of 12 land divisions on the island of Maui. Within the moku is the ahupuaʻa of Makawao, of which Piʻiholo is the region where our project is located. This area was renowned in ancient times as a place where royalty would visit the ponds of Kalena (at the base of Pu’u Pi’iholo) to swim and relax in the pleasant upland temperatures and where the native forest thrived.

Today, Hōkūnui Maui is creating a regenerative farming community that integrates community, culture, forestry and livestock. In our forestry and livestock programs, we are applying best practices from regenerative and Hawaiian farming in order to re-establish native habitat, regenerate the soil and provide food for our community. The infrastructure and housing at Hōkūnui Maui incorporates green building materials and technologies, alternative energy and self-sufficient water sources.

And, we are cultivating a community of people who value a reverent connection to the land, to each other and the Hawaiian culture.

Hōkūnui Maui operates with a Regenerative Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL®) philosophy—balancing environment, community and culture with financial viability. The financial model at Hōkūnui Maui utilizes profits from home sales to provide a stable land base for the perpetuation of forestry, agriculture and cultural activities.

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    OneTwoThreeFourFour +


    Immediately2-6 Months6-12 Months1-3 YearsNo Set Timeline


    Lot 3A | Model

    • 4 Bedroom/3 Bath/Family Room
    • Living Area: 3,285 SF
    • Covered Lanai Area: 1,015 SF
    • Garage: 676 SF

    Lot 3B| Model

    • 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath
    • Living Area: 1,000 SF
    • Covered Lanai Area:  1,236 SF
    • Garage:  676 SF