“My favorite animal is steak.” Fran Lebowitz

Lasso a date or herd up the family and come on up to the Makawao Steak House. For over 40 years, the Makawao Steak House has been the place for upcountry residents to enjoy home-style food.

Pull up a bar stool and let Toshio make you a Farm-a-Rita. Kick back in the lounge with beers and pupu, or loosen up your belt buckle and join us in the main dining room for a Prime Rib dinner. Got a special occasion? The Makawao Steak House banquet room is big enough to throw a party for your whole ‘ohana.

Chef Aaron Bigwood, Restaurant Manager Jory Chong Kee and Bar Manager Toshio Quedding are taking the Makawao Steak House to the next level— preserving the food traditions that generations of families have enjoyed, while elevating the cuisine by using the fresh beef, lamb, fruits and vegetables of upcountry Maui.

For Reservations,
Please Call: 808-572-8711 

Makawao Steak House

3612 Baldwin Avenue
Makawao, HI 96768




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  • Aaron Bigwood, Chef
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